Fosbury Architecture is a collective of design and research.

Fosbury’s work has been awarded prizes in various international contests, including Europan13 (Leeuwarden), the Museum of Natural Sciences (Turin), YAC (Bologna) and Recycling Socialism (Tallinn Architecture Biennale).

Fosbury took part in the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016, and has been invited to display its work as part of various group exhibitions, such as: Re-Constructivist Architecture, Ierimonti Gallery (New York) and RIBA (London); Adhocracy (Athens); Re-Drawing the Theory Re-Drawing the House (Milan); and Capitalism is Over, (Milan, Fuori Salone 2017).

The collective was the youngest Italian group chosen to take part in the Chicago Architecture Biennial in 2017, Make New History.


Human beings, both male and female, have lived in houses for 12,019 years. With houses, they have built cities for 8,000 years. The collective at Fosbury Architecture are not all that certain that all this will continue, but they are sure that if one day the house-form were to be exhausted, architecture would survive its ruins.

They are therefore prepared to provide you with: rolling houses, intergalactic sofas, and sensory deprivation tanks, maneki neko and Barbapapa, but also creations in beautiful plastic, reinforced concrete, and optical fibers, Dazzle Patterns and Dalmatiner, PVC and electrical tape, tree bark or cardboard. They can stick to the rules of the game or deviate from the straight and narrow, winding their way among pavilions and photomontages, competitions andn   renovations, publishing and the art market, escape routes and floor plans, lifestyles and orders of ideas, five-year plans and double-decade instability, finely detailed plans for weeds and brushwood, pompous masterplans or teeny-tiny rooms. A little bit of everything, but certainly not everything (a poetry of multitasking, but spontaneous and proud, certainly not bound by the laws of the market).

They are not afraid of research and ethical doubts, porous aesthetics and collective actions. They are not ashamed of studying and are ready to travel, but have set up residence in Milan, Hamburg, and Rotterdam, foggy northern spots dense with expectations. They got together in 2013. The same year, Benedict XVI announces his resignation, Queen Beatrix abdicates, a meteorite explodes over Russia, the North Korean regime proclaims a state of war against South Korea, the North Korean army publicly announces a green light for a nuclear attack against the United States, Snowden starts talking, Croatia enters Europe, Silvio Berlusconi is sentenced to four years in prison for tax fraud, Marcovaldo turns 50, and a new island is born in Japan. Yet the Fosbury team swear that the events in question are not in the least bit connected.

The individual names given to the registry office are: Giacomo Ardesio, Alessandro Bonizzoni, Nicola Campri, Veronica Caprino, and Claudia Mainardi.

They steal the name of the collective, however, from the athlete who – first and with mismatched shoes – jumped back-first. Each experiment breaks rules, evokes heart pangs, and casts a glimpse toward the past, but this does not prevent it from taking an unconventional approach to the obstacles at hand, in architecture as in life.

<thanks to Arianna Lodeserto>

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